May Letters

Balanced Approach

As a charter guide in Alaska for over 25 years, I am disappointed in the recent decision by the IPHC to allow “trophy” halibut (68 inches and larger) to be kept by sports charter guests in area 2C, in spite of a reduction in “exploitable biomass” (which includes spawning age halibut). In a time of a reduced population of spawning halibut, it doesn’ t make any sense to allow retention of the larger halibut, which are all egg-laying females. Instead of calling these “trophy” halibut, I’d suggest we call them “Kill Me For The Photo” halibut. Instead of releasing the large females so they can continue to lay millions of halibut eggs, they can be immortalized in a photo and sit in the bottom of a freezer until they get freezer burn and are thrown out. —Rick Fleischman / Sitka


Bring Back Great Articles

I recently finished reading the Alaska magazine, which I have subscribed to for many years. I am unhappy with the changes, at least in this latest mag. It seemed that almost the entire magazine was a travel brochure. Travel brochures are free; your magazine isn’t. Please bring back some of the good articles and less of the hype. —Peggy Meisch / North Branch, Minnesota



Stop Whining!

I would just like to respond to all of those who complain about the new paper quality that Alaska magazine is now using. I, for one, could care less about the quality of the paper as opposed to the quality of the stories, articles and photos in the magazine. As always, I thoroughly enjoy each issue and look forward to my Alaska “fix” every month. By the way, I think this new paper is sturdier anyway and it needs to be to get all the way down to me in Virginia! —Teresa Demas / Virginia



Alaska Magazine ‘Til We are 109!

We have been receiving the Alaska magazine for 40+ years and hope for 40 more, that may be a stretch as we are 69. There have been different changes and adjustments to the magazine over those years. But…the reason for the magazine has never changed, bringing Alaska to the reader, wherever he or she is located on planet earth. As for the paper change, we see no issues. The reading is easy, the pictures are still quality items and as always all the articles are the best. Also the pages do not slip out from under our fingers with this new paper as the slick paper would do. Keep up the good work and keep the Alaska magazine coming. We look forward to every issue to keep our memories of when we lived in Alaska alive. —William & Myrtle Johnson / Waseca, MN



‘Keep on Keeping On’

I’m reading the most recent magazine and am quite shocked by the comments about the “feel” of the paper. Wow, people really have nothing better to do than gripe about that? Your magazine is awesome, and anything done to help with conservation is OK with me. I actually like the feel of it, but the paper quality is not what keeps me reading the articles. It’s the article content. Keep on keeping on Alaska magazine! —Dawn Engler/ Leander, Texas


Correction: Jon Van Zyle’ s name was spelled incorrectly on the cover of the March issue. We apologize for this error.

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