A Marriage of Sorts

As May Arrives, so do Dreams of Home

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Sharon Nault

May has finally arrived, and I’m thinking fondly of the summer ahead: staycations (Homer, Sitka and Ketchikan are on my wish list). Long summer days. My friends’ wonderful wood cabin on the Kenai River, where salmon run strong most summer long.

Road trips through mountain ranges and passes such as Thompson and Hatcher and along Turnagain Arm at Cook Inlet and the Denali Highway in Interior. The Girdwood Forest Faire, Chugiak-Eagle River Bear Paw Festival, glacier viewing in Seward and the Mat-Su Valley, and, oh, so much more.


There will be walks along the inlet at Earthquake Park, hikes along Eklutna Lake and other pristine places, bike rides through the numerous parks that make our city one of the most bike-friendly in the U.S., barbecues with friends. There will be Glacier Pilot baseball games, camping in the Mat-Su Valley, reading on my porch until time passes without the realization bedtime has long passed. Midnight fireworks in Eagle River July 3 and Anchorage July 4.

Trams up to Seven Glaciers Restaurant on top of Mount Alyeska. (You can climb to the top and ride down for free! I know.

I’ve done it.) Trains to Talkeetna and Denali. Comfortable hotels in fly-in locations, such as Glacier Bay or the Emerald Island of Kodiak.

I love Alaska all times of the year, but summer and I have a special bond: like twin sisters, like mac and cheese, like an old married couple.

A reader recently wrote to Alaska magazine that this state is the last stronghold of what once was the American dream.

“Don’t lose it,” she warned. “As part of your soul will also be lost.”

I believe that. We are the American dream. I get hundreds of comments from readers and Facebook fans telling me their desire for Alaska, their hope to one day make it home.

Home. Yes, home. Alaska has an ever-changing beauty that is still faithful and strong. You don’t know what you will wake up to, but you know it will be magnificent–whether rich skies of blue, mountains green or clouds benevolent.

From its deep seas to its vast coastline to its rich rain and boreal forests, to its mountains and rivers and lakes (more lakes than people), to its abundance and vastness and wealth that only comes with loving nature and all things beautiful.

That’s my Alaska. I hope it is yours, too. Enjoy.

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